The Leopard

— I promised myself that if I got back to Stavenger I would go out, buy myself a beer and accost the most attractive girl I could see and say what I am saying now. So what do you say?
— So I’m the most attractive girl in here, am I?
— No, but you’ve got the biggest boobs. You’re good-looking, but the competition is too fierce for you to be the best-looking one. Shall we go?

— What do you want me to want?
— Apart from wanting you to to have a burning desire to fuck me, I want you to have some use for me.
— And that’s exactly what I have.
— A desire to fuck me?
— Some use for you.

Friendship means nothing to a man if he has a tempting enough offer.

No one is as they seem, and most of life, apart from honest betrayal, is lies and deceit. And the day we discover we are no different is the day we don’t want to live.

That’s how banal we are. We believe because we want to believe. In gods, because that dulls the fear of death. In love, because it enhances the notion of life. In what married men say, because that is what married men say.

— Physical pain is not the worst thing a human has to deal with. Believe me, I see it every day. Not death either. Nor even fear of death.
— What is the worst, then?
— Humiliation. To be deprived of honor and dignity. To be disrobed, to be cast out by the flock. That’s the worst punishment; it’s akin to being buried alive. And the only consolation is that the person will perish fairly quickly.

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