I never saw an ass like that in my life. Beyond concept. Beyond everything.Don’t bother me now. I want to think about it.

She moved toward me. I was totally entranced. Her body was against mine, we pressed together. We embraced and our mouths joined. Her tongue darted into my mouth, it was hot and wiggled like a small snake.

Everything was too small for her: her outfit, the world, her mind.

Well, people got attached. Once you cut the umbilical cord they attached to other hings. Sight, sound, sex, money mirages, mothers, masturbation, murder and Monday morning hangovers.

—How come a fat ugly guy like you gets all the action?
—It’s because of the buttermilk I put on my waffles. Now, get the hell out of here.

Often the best parts of life were when you weren’t doing anything at all, just mulling it over, chewing on it. I mean, say that you figure that everything is senseless, then it can’t be quite senseless because you are aware that it’s senseless and your awareness of senselessness almost gives it sense.

Scotch is a drink you don’t take to right off. But after you work with it a while it kind of works its magic on you.

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